ICCS2 Call for Papers


The ICCS2 will address the general theme of “Indigenous Studies in the Philippines: Issues and Prospects.”  We envision this event as a venue for the presentation and discussion of comparative indigenous studies, highlighting recent research and various theoretical approaches and methodologies within and across disciplines.

This conference also aims to promote debate and identify directions on how Indigenous Studies, as a distinct field of inquiry, can be established and consolidated in the Philippines, and to foster collaborative work between academics, local and national government agencies, civil society, and communities in the Cordillera, Northern Luzon, and the Philippines.

We are inviting submissions to our Call for Papers, individual or panel presentations of researches on or related to indigenous peoples/communities. Proposals for individual papers and panels are now being accepted. Kindly note that the deadline for submission of individual papers and/or panel presentations is on 15 February 2017.

Among the topics to be covered by the conference are listed in the toggle below.

  • Topics

    • The place of traditional narratives in historical reconstruction Representation of indigenous peoples in orthodox histories
    • Indigenous in rituals in contemporary times: persistence and change
    • Oral traditions and world views
    • Traditional literature and literature beyond oral traditions
    • Issues in the codification of indigenous languages
    • The indigenous in media, literature, visual arts and other cultural forms
    • Endangered heritage and cultural preservation: issues and initiatives
    • Sovereignty and self-determination: resource management, land claims, economic development
    • Indigenous knowledge/ indigenous science: ethnomathematics, ethnobotany, ethnoecology
    • Indigenous concepts of health and wellness
    • Gender roles and issues: status of indigenous women; notions of indigenous masculinities
    • The indigenous in diaspora
    • The sacred: spirituality and religious experience in indigenous society
    • Issues on indigenous peoples’ education
    • Studying the indigenous: western/native frameworks and methodologies
    • Ethnic/Indigenous/Cordillera Studies: the formation of area studies

    Proposals are not restricted to the topics listed above. Comparative studies and papers that contribute to the debate on theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of indigenous societies are especially welcome.

Guidelines For Proposals

  • Individual Papers

    Individual paper presenters must submit a proposal containing

    • An abstract of not more than 250 words
    • Proponent’s résumé
    • Contact details (institutional affiliation and mailing address, e-mail address, telephone numbers)

    Individual presentations should not exceed 20 minutes, excluding time for questions.

  • Organized Panels

    Organized panels should consist of 3 to 4 paper readers. Proponents must submit a panel abstract of not more than 100 words, in addition to separate proposals for each paper presentation (see requirements for individual paper proposals, above). Each panel is allotted 90 minutes, inclusive of open forum.

All paper and panel proposals must be submitted not later than 6 February 2017 Proposals should be sent as e-mail attachment (MS Word format) to: iccs2.upbaguio@up.edu.ph. Notification of acceptance will be issued by 6 March 2017 or earlier.

For inquires and further details, please contact us using the following contact details: Email, iccs2.upbaguio@up.edu.ph; Office phone, (63) 74 442-5794.

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