Prof. Deirdre McKay

Dr. Deirdre McKay researches indigenous peoples, development and migration.

Dr. Deirdre McKay is Senior Lecturer in Social Geography and Environmental Politics at the University of Keel, United Kingdom.  Her research interests  are focused on social/cultural geograpy and social anthropology.  She authored two significant books on the Philippine diaspora,  An Archipelago of Care: Filipino Migrants and Global Networks (2016) and Global Filipinos (2012). Among the anthologies she edited or co-edited are Mediated Identities, Diasporic Lives: Situating Filipinos and Philipine Studies within a Translocal Space (2011), Translocal Subjectivities: Mobility, Conection and Emotion (2007), and Place in Motion: New Ethnographies of Locality in the Asia-Pacific (2006). She has also published twenty-eight academic papers in peer-reviewed journals, and contributed chapters to 18 academic books.

Professor McKay received both her BA (1st Hons) in Biology (1989) and Master’s in Environmental Studies (1993) from Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia, CA), and her PhD in Geography from the University of British Columbia.  From 2003-2014, she completed six research grants or fellowships from Indiana University,  the British Academy,  Arts and Humanities Research Council, and the Australian Research Council.  She was also a Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Fellow in the School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University.